smbd and nmbd run... on OpenVMS! 
Friday, May 6, 2016, 06:54 AM
Posted by Administrator
Well, the fact that they do not fall over and crash immediately is more like the truth. I have successfully compiled and linked an initial incantation of Samba 4.3.6 on OpenVMS I64 8.4.

Now the fun stuff has started! Looking through the reams of log files - thank you Samba developers for DEBUG - and finding errors. And then fixing those errors and going to the next iteration of the port. Also as I work through this then I also will continue to turn on more and more options along the way.

It is still very early in this port. There are thousands of files; some will never need to be looked at initially, thank goodness, as they will just compile and run. Others have already been taking time and finding bugs in the OpenVMS CRTL - nothing new there. Thankfully there have been some workarounds already available - except for a tweak here and an tweak there.

One major point that needs to be considered - until there is a fix for CRTL bug dealing with AF_UNIX sockets and bind() - is the "collision" of routines in a couple routines that deal with IO on VMS to support unix/linux style IO - the issue of open(), close(), select(), poll(), bind(), socket() and such that need to play with all devices - terminals, sockets (of all types), pipes, etc. I am hoping to avoid this with having isolated calls, but it may need to be unified - and then of course torn apart to some extent when/if the CRTL fix is released. But of course the issue of supporting older versions of VMS plays there as well.

Anyway, off to a side project while Samba builds in the latest fixes I have implemented.
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