Where is the time going??? September and the 2011 OpenVMS Boot Camp will soon be here... 
Sunday, May 22, 2011, 12:11 AM
Posted by Administrator
Yes, that is right. The 2011 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp will soon be here. The Boot Camp is scheduled for 18-22 September 2011 at the Sheraton Needham in Needham, Mass.

This is a new location for the Boot Camp. Instead of being located in Nashua, New Hampshire where it was born out of the VMS Ambassadors' Meetings the new venue is Southwest of Boston South of the I-95/Route 128 and I-90/Mass Pike Interchange. For those interested it is about half the distance from Logan International to the Sheraton Needham versus the prior trip up to the Radisson Nashua.

Planning is moving along nicely. The Call For Paper is on the Connect Worldwide website (www.connect-community.org). There are several interesting sessions already submitted.

Here is a peek at the current sessions:
  • Using IP Networks as an OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect
  • Using Perl to manage VMS systems
  • A Method for Encrypted OpenVMS Network Backup
  • Physical to virtual servers - From a technical and practical perspective
  • OpenVMS Volume Shadowing Performance
  • HP 3PAR Hands on Lab
  • Using concealed devices and logical name tables for application environments.
  • Long-Distance OpenVMS Cluster Update
  • Improving OpenVMS security with System Detective
As you can see, the presentations are wide ranging and there will be many, many more submitted over the next month. The CFP closes on 15 June so if you have a topic you want to submit for consideration please do so.

There will be a Pre-Conference Seminar on Sunday, 18 September, focusing on OpenVMS Performance Topics - more details on that soon.

We hope to see you in Needham in September!

I'll add more soon - promise.

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Wishing everyone in the OpenVMS Community a Happy Holiday Season 
Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 07:55 PM
Posted by Administrator
Yes, 2010 is just about behind us. Just 4 more days to go. Not much going on other than trying to get hours in on a project and starting some planning for the 2011 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp.

Yes, I said it, OpenVMS Boot Camp! I can not say enough about the fact that I am happy to see Connect working to get the Boot Camp up and running this year. Sue Skonetski and the entire Program Committee should be commended for their efforts to relaunch this well respected event under Connect's auspices. The 2010 event was well received and its success has convinced Connect that it is appropriate to move forward with the 2011 Boot Camp.

I have no details as to the exact when or specific where as far as the event. I do know that it will be held in the September timeframe once again - it conflicts least with other HP events then. The general location is New England - sorry, no more detail than that for now - I wish I knew myself. More details will be coming out over the next few weeks.

Just sit back and relax and enjoy the fact that we are going to continue to have a Boot Camp event this coming year.

Please make sure to start putting this into your schedule and budget so you can attend and also participate!

As soon as we can we will get a call for papers site established and then publicize that and other information.

I have already had conversations with OpenVMS product management and they are looking forward to presenting at the Boot Camp. They are looking to emphasize migration to I64 and intend to focus many of their presentations in that direction.

If you have any thoughts, comments or requests I look forward to them. Your contributions and suggestions help make the Boot Camp the BEST OpenVMS event of the year!

Have a Happy New Year!


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New and Updated Open Source on OpenVMS 
Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 04:26 PM
Posted by Administrator
Over the last couple months some of our OpenVMS Community members have been busy either porting new Open Source software to OpenVMS or in updating existing software with new versions. There have been at least 11 different packages and applications release in just the last two months. These include:

  • Ant 1.7
  • BZip2 1.0.6
  • cdrtools 3.00
  • Firefox V2.0-18
  • JNA 3.2.2
  • Jperf 2.0.2
  • libffi 3.0.9
  • Python/ctypes
  • Rdesktop 1.3.1
  • Snort V2.8-531A
  • Universal Password Manager 1.6

Philippe Vouters has been one of the more prolific Community members in this recent effort. He is responsible for libffi as well as JNA and the Python/ctypes. Alexey Chupahin and Thierry Uso continue with expanding their contributions as well.

We should thank all of the Open Source on OpenVMS contributors for their efforts and dedication.


Visit http://www.OpenVMS.org for more information about available Open Source on OpenVMS.

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Webinars explore unique RMS data replication technology for OpenVMS 
Monday, October 18, 2010, 02:28 PM
Posted by Administrator
Connect Worldwide is hosting two seminars on Tueday, 19 October, for Attunity, one of the 2010 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp sponsors. You can find out more about the specific webinars here. The 09:00 EDT event is targetted for the EMEA region and the 14:00 EDT session is targetted at the Americas. The content should be generally the same. We will be recording these sessions and they will be available on the Connect website for those who can not attend the live events.

The technology being discussed is Attunity Stream for RMS and a specific implementation Attunity RMS-CDC for SQL Server Integration Services. A case study of implementation at Southeastern Freight Lines will be presented.

Several well respected members of the OpenVMS Community will be present during this event for a panel discussion. They include:
  • John Apps, HP OpenVMS Ambassador/Consultant
  • Hein van den Heuvel, HvdH Performance Consulting
  • Brian Schenkenberger, Sr. VMS Software Specialist at TMESIS SOFTWARE

We look forward to seeing you at one of these two seminars.


Bill Pedersen

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Preparing for a Roadtrip to Nashua - and the 2010 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp... 
Monday, September 6, 2010, 12:31 AM
Posted by Administrator
It is Sunday night...

Extra cables and parts and systems are loaded in the van, just in case...

Support systems for the Boot Camp.

Personal packing is done. Care package for the drive is getting put together. All the odds and ends to have - JUST IN CASE... Driving up so I have a car for the 10 days or so I am in Nashua.

Many things are still coming together and need to be sorted out over the next week:
  • Equipment arrival
  • A/V setup verification
  • Equipment staging
  • Network build and configuration
  • Systems and Network Testing
  • Presentation checking
  • Last minute details which keep multiplying
  • ...
  • And of course the list goes on and on...

All of the things to get an technical conference off the ground and running for a week has to be planned and coordinated. We have a great team in the Program Committee:
  • Sue Skonetski, Program Chairperson
  • Michelle Popejoy, OpenVMS SIG Co-Chairperson
  • Greg Guthman, Connect Board Member
  • Gerrit Woertman, VMS Ambassador
  • Ray Turner, VMS Ambassador
  • Anders Johannson
  • Kevin St George, Electricial Infrastructure
  • Dave Schmidt
  • Tom Moran, Network Infrastructure
  • Signe Maximous, Partner Roundhouse Coordinator

  • Kristi Browder, Connect Worldwide Executive Director
  • Suzanne Jarl, Connect Marketing Director
  • Shari Riddle, Connect Membership Liason

All of these people have helped bring this year's Boot Camp together and are working to lay the ground work for future events. They will also all be working to make sure the Boot Camp, Partner Roundhouse, OpenVMS Reunion and every other aspect of the event goes off without a hear.

Well, I still have much to do and still need to sleep tonight and head North.

See you in Nashua!


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