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  • 2017
    • February
      • Slow Progress...
        As many people know I had a difficult situation in late Summer 2017. My wife died. This placed a lot of new pressures on me besides all the emotional issues associated with a sudden and unexpected loss. As such things have been a bit quiet on the Open Source "front" for me. I actually s

  • 2016
    • August
      • OpenVMS Boot Camp Sessions...
        Here are the session titles and presenters for the OpenVMS Boot Camp scheduled for 25-28 September at the Radisson Nashua in Nashua, New Hampshire.

    • June
      • Port of Samba 4.3.6 continues...
        We have been able to get SMBD to work under the TCPIP Aux Server environment - multiple server processes - automatically - and access from multiple clients simultaneously. So now the next challenge is to reduce the number of shared images so we can then have SMBD and NMBD run with minimal impact on

    • May
      • Samba port continues...
        We can CREATE files! Yes, that's right. Create files! View files! Create new folders! Navigate a share.

        Now this has all been in "single" process mode. But it is definite progress!

        Currently we are working on getting this version of Samba (4.3.6) to running u

      • OpenVMS Samba V4.3.6 I64 progress...
        We have some nice progress...

        Have been able to get the code to a point where I can navigate the folders in a share and also open and display a file. Yes, progress.

        And then I tried to create a file... Oops! Well, not really surprising that code path has not been excised ye

      • smbd and nmbd run... on OpenVMS!
        Well, the fact that they do not fall over and crash immediately is more like the truth. I have successfully compiled and linked an initial incantation of Samba 4.3.6 on OpenVMS I64 8.4.

        Now the fun stuff has started! Looking through the reams of log files - thank you Samba developers for

      • Progress on OpenVMS port of Samba 4.3.6...
        Have started testing and debugging with the code that runs on OpenVMS.

        Have been working through issues with logic and concept - not necessarily final concept/configuration but enough to let code run.

        Am not further along than I was awhile back before starting the implementatio

      • Samba and VMS... Bit by Byte...
        Well, started getting some VMS specific code introduced. Taking advantage (well starting with) prior work which has handled some of the necessary functions previously. Have gotten to a point where I hope in a day or so to be getting back to testing rather than just the rough cuts necessary to get r

    • April
      • VMS GIT Client - thanks to Brett Cameron of VSI ---- BETA Only - IA64 ONLY...
        04/22/16 (VGIT2.ZIP)

        Note that the tool is for OpenVMS ia64 only at this time, although it should of course be possible to build it for Alpha 8.4. Also, note that the ZIP file was created on OpenVMS, so I would suggest extracting the co

      • SAMBA proceeds...
        Ok. Using code from the CIFS source kit I have worked around the issue of the AF_UNIX socket bind failure... Have to implement as bit more completely as I only have it in one module right now, but it has allowed more testing.

        Have been fighting some issues with fstat() returning st_size

      • Open Source on OpenVMS Conference Calls...
        We hold a conference call on the THIRD Thursday of each month. The calls alternate between 08:00 EDT/EST and 23:00 EDT/EST. This call this month, April 2016, is this Thursday, 21 April at 23:00 EDT.

        You can join the call by accessing the conference:

        The access is via VOIP or

      • Samba 4.3.6 built - now starts testing...
        Have started the testing. Have been working around all the fun of the OpenVMS CRTL Feature Logical Name morass... Some peculiar issues there...

        Have also come up with an issue with the Unix Domain Sockets implementation on OpenVMS. Case opened with HPE OpenVMS Support. I may use a wor

    • March
      • Moving on to Samba 4.3.6...
        Well, have decided to move toward the future...

        So, since 4.3.1 was released over two years ago I have decided to move over to 4.3.6...

        Moving along with first build efforts... configure has gone ok. make is moving along...


      • A couple steps forward a couple back and then again...
        Well, after a bit of exploring and investigation and tuning the includes and other bits and pieces I got to a point with my initial Samba 4.3.1 build on OpenVMS to where it looked like I could not get much further. I got down to about 15 images that still had undefined references. Some do not seem

      • FIRST Tech Challenge South Super-Regional in ONE week!
        A week from now I fly to San Antonio for the FIRST Tech Challenge 2016 South Super-Regional.

        There I will be part of the judging team.

        I will also be observing and cheering on the three FIRST Tech Challenge teams from South Carolina!

        Good luck to all of the teams - a

      • Samba 4.3.1 Port to OpenVMS continues
        I have all the compiles running.

        Now I am working on linking the images.

        Then the real FUN begins - debugging the code to get a working version.

        Nice to see progress.

        Yes, I know there is A LOT to do yet, but at least it is such that there is progress and

    • February
      • Samba 4.3.1 build on OpenVMS...
        Ok, moving this forward.

        I should have all compiles done, with a few exceptions. The limiting issues are being caused by our pushing the envelope a bit further than other folks using the GNV Unix portability environment build facility further than others. We found some issues in a key c

    • January
      • A New Year and a New Project
        After getting Python running nicely with GNV and OpenVMS with our new module we progressed on in the Samba 4.3.1 port to OpenVMS.

        That proceeded nicely until I came to a point where it became obvious that the Perl implementation on OpenVMS was not supporting GNV properly. I

  • 2015
    • December
      • New Python subprocess module ready...
        Ok, the initial release has been posted to

        This release is a total new implementation from the prior version. Testing has been done against the Samba 4.3.1 WAF build environment. ONLY ONE edit was necessary to allow execution of the configure proc

      • A couple steps further with Samba 4.x
        Have gotten the configure script to run to the point of attempting to compile the summary.c code at the end of the configure process - it fails but that is not unexpected.

        It gets there! That is what is important. Farther than at any time in the past on this project so that makes me fee

      • Extending Python and working on porting Samba 4.3.1 to OpenVMS
        Some time back, about 18 months in fact, I started on a project to port Samba 4.x to OpenVMS. Well, then there was a year that was very interesting, very demanding, and not much progress occurred on my Open Source On OpenVMS projects. Times change - now back working on the port.

        Samba 4.

      • New web site launched - and new offerings
        We have been busy behind the scenes working on our new website. As you can see if is a bit sleeker and more focused on our offerings.

        We have also been developing new offerings. One of the most important is the Support of Open Source On OpenVMS. You can check it out here.


    • September
      • OpenVMS Boot Camp - LESS THAN 14 days away!!!
        The 2015 OpenVMS Boot Camp is scheduled to begin on 28 September!

        It is not too late to still sign up to attend! This is THE OpenVMS Community event of the year! Come join many of your VMS colleagues and network and plan your year together!

        There are currently over 80 technica

      • Oracle Announces the Oracle OpenVMS Tech Forum Schedule
        Kevin Duffy of Oracle has announced that registration for the 2015 Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forums in North America and EMEA is now open. To register, go to:

        As was previously announced, the dates and locations

    • August
      • New Releases of Open Source Packages Available
        New versions of several packages have been uploaded to the SourceForge VMS-Ports Project as well as the GNV Project. These include:

        New versions of some GNV tools on GNV/FILES…

        Bash V4.3.39
        Grep V2.21
        Gawk V4.1.3
        Sed V4.22
        Coreutils V8.2

    • July
      • Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forums
        Save the dates!

        Kevin Duffy and his crew at Oracle are happy to announce that the dates and locations for this year’s Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forums have been set. This year the Forums are being held in cooperation with HP, VSI, Intel, Connect, the local HP Us

      • New PCSI kits for Curl and ZLIB
        Curl 7.43, ZLIB 1.2.8e1 PCSI kits should now install on VSI VMS releases.

        Curl 7.43 is now available for VMS including the VSI VMS releases. It requires ZLIB 1.2.8e1 PCSI kit to also be installed.

        This is the current release of Curl for all platforms.

        This build of C

      • June 2015 Open Source on OpenVMS Conference Call notes available.
        Just a note to let you know that the note and recording of the June 2015 conference call are available.

        You can find them on:

        If you have not noticed various announcements there have been some updates which have recently been

      • Home again...
        Well, the last two week has had me up and down the length of California. It was not for business but for family and friends.

        Spent time with my Mother. We gave her a trip to see family and friends as a combined Christmas and Birthday Gift. She loved it. And I must admit I enjoyed it,

      • Back on the Air!!!
        Well, after several moves to new and different servers due to some issues with old interfaces and email problems we are back online finally. And then we found some unwanted code courtesy of "Who Knows" which had to be cleaned up.

        Many things have happened over the last few mont

  • 2014
    • September
      • Oracle OpenVMS Database Technical Forum Reminder!
        Dear Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Customers,

        The North American Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forums are almost here! If you plan to join us either in person or as a remote attendee and you have not yet registered, you can do so now at:


    • July
    • February
      • CCSS TN3270DS Interface for OpenVMS
        CCSS has recently implemented a call compatible replacement for HP SNA 3270 DSPI which uses TN3270 technology rather than the SNA technology for communication to IBM compatible hosts. This initial implementation is compatible for FIELD mode operation of SNA 3270 DSPI.

        We are looking for

  • 2013
    • December
      • How to get access to the HP Support Center - legally!
        How to get access to the HP Support Center - legally!

        As you all know Hewlett Packard Services changed the access to patches some time ago. Well, then there was a second change this last October where they broke the patch access for HP AllianceONE Partners. Well, the most recent problem

    • August
      • Upcoming Oracle Rdb Forums
        The following is posted at the request of Kevin Duffy:

        Dear Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Customers,

        We are happy to inform you that registration for the Redwood Shores, USA, 2013 Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forum is now open. To register, g

    • June
      • So what do you do about the HP OpenVMS Poulson FIASCO?
        I posted the following on earlier today...

        So the question is has your company or any of your clients' companies been harmed by this decision? Did you or they make a strategic decision in the last couple years based upon a promise made in a meeting with HP that OpenVMS would

      • How can we influence HP on the OpenVMS Poulson decision they have made? (Updated)
        I am reposting this here as the group page is not globally accessible to everyone.

        Well, one member of the OpenVMS Community, Colin Butcher of XDelta in the UK, has an idea:

        "I'm not sure that HP knows just how big the OpenVMS customer base really is. Most Ope

    • April
      • OpenVMS Webinar Series – 2013 : DCL - Tips and Tricks
        OpenVMS Webinar Series – 2013

        Agenda DCL - Tips and Tricks

        Digital Command Language (DCL) is the standard command language used on the OpenVMS operating system. DCL provides versatile facilities to perform various tasks such as file handling, system monitoring and scripting. Th

    • February
      • Oracle Rdb and Oracle on OpenVMS Technical Forum
        Dear Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Customers,

        We are happy to inform you that registration is now open for the 2013, Burlington, MA, USA Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forum.

        To register, go to:

  • 2012
    • October
      • 35 years ago this week - DECUS San Diego, VAX/11-780 and VAX/VMS Introduced
        Yes, that's right we have the 35th Anniversary of the introduction of VMS (or as HP now calls it "HP OpenVMS"). Where were you? What were you doing?

        At that time I was a graduate student in Computer Science at San Francisco State University. I was also employed as a Research

      • Where were you 35 years ago? OpenVMS turns 35!
        Well, if you were not at the West Coast DECUS convention in San Diego then you were not involved with the launch of OpenVMS...

        Let's start a conversation here!

        HP OpenVMS has started a project to celebrate this event!

        Check out the OpenVMS 35th Anniversary!!!!

  • 2011
    • November
      • Ingres emulating Oracle Classic RDBMS - Shift2Ingres progess on OpenVMS
        Over the last year I have SLOWLY over the last 8 or 9 months been working toward getting a database running on OpenVMS which emulates Oracle Classic RDBMS but is based upon the Ingres Community Edition Relational Database with the help of an open source migration application called Shift2Ingres. Ma

      • Are you involved with the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program?
        Tell me what you have done with the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program.

        I personally believe that the OpenVMS Hobbyist program is a great asset to HP and OpenVMS. But I have been challenged to show the return to OpenVMS from this program. My hope in this process we can work toward getting access to

    • June
      • Day Trip to Needham, MA - OpenVMS Boot Camp Preparations.
        Just got back from a Day Trip to Needham!

        Needham, you ask?

        Yes, the Sheraton Needham is this year's location for the Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp. I took a day to visit the site and get to know the staff and the facility. This year's Boot Camp will be in a newly remodeled facil

    • May
  • 2010
  • 2009
    • December
      • LDAP on #OpenVMS - Two Webinars - 16 December 2009
        As a continuation of the education and communications initiative by the Office of OpenVMS Programs there are a pair of webinars being held next week, Wednesday 16 December 2009. The early webinar is at 3:30 AM EST and the later webinar is at 10:30 AM EST.

        Topic :- LDAP Authentication on

      • Spreading the word about #OpenVMS with RSS feeds
        More and more our our content regarding OpenVMS is becoming available in syndicated format using RSS. This will allow you and others to easily place ongoing content and discussions on your web sites to make it easy for your customers and clients to check on what is happening in the many different s

      • Introduction to T4 and Friends - A Pair of #OpenVMS Technical Webinars
        The HP Office of OpenVMS Programs is presenting a pair of technical webinars on 2 December 2009.

        The Office of OpenVMS Programs has a large amount of information they want to deliver to you and they have so few occasions to meet you! Hence this new initiative to do webinars on OpenVMS te

    • November
      • Why Choose #OpenVMS? Why SELL OpenVMS?
        In a well crafted article on Bob Gezelter puts forth some excellent arguments for choosing OpenVMS as a development and delivery platform over other, currently popular environments. He presents the issues of stability, cost of ownership - especially operation, and seamless expandability

      • Getting into the schools EARLY... It could be #OpenVMS!!!
        I ran across this article while investigating a group mentioned on the HP Connect web site by Kees denHartigh - Kids On Computers. Well, Kids On Computers is currently working with a school in Mexico and has plans to help expand the exposure of students world wide to computers. They happen to be u

    • October
      • More Listed Open Source on #OpenVMS Ports at
        In the last month or so since we started the discussions about Open Source on OpenVMS there have been an increase of listed Open Source ports on the website. THANK YOU! Yes, thank you to all who have been listening and reading for taking the time to post information about known ports.

      • Open Source on OpenVMS - A Progress Report
        In the last few weeks I have been discussing the needs and requirements to revitalize the Open Source on OpenVMS Community. Along these lines I have been involved in discussions on various forums including: comp.os.vms, vms-sig-listserv,, my own VMSblog as well as Twitter and Facebook.

    • September
      • Priority Number One - Develop Focus for #OpenVMS Open Source Team(s)
        Seems like the need now is to get those interested in Open Source development and support on OpenVMS to have a point of focus and community. This is probably as difficult as any task within the effort to develop momentum within the OpenVMS community and is typical of all segments within the our com

    • August
      • Integration of VMSblog with Twitter for #OpenVMS Evangelism
        Yes, that's right, now the Subject lines will be automatically posted to Twitter. And will see how we can move this into other portions of our effort to get more buzz and discussion going about OpenVMS.

        As mentioned in my last blog I experimented with writing the blog from an Ipaq. Whil

      • Blogging from an Ipaq
        Well,it is not a VT420 or WordPress off astandard kb but it is possible to access this blog from an Ipaq and do useful work. Have recently loaded MiniMo for WinCE, Firefox''s abandoned little brother. What an improvement over MS IE!!!

        Now I am not saying I would do this all the time I wan

    • July
      • Open Source for OpenVMS
        In a recent series of posts Stephen Hoffman of HoffmanLabs noted that the current state of Open Source product for the OpenVMS environment is both in a disarray and is seriously lagging the rest of the industry. Hoff equates this current state of affairs as a train wreck or at least a train wreck i

      • A Call for Participation - OpenVMS Community needs to rally
        Just after the middle of June I started a discussion on on the following topic:

        How do we expand OpenVMS to new environments? How do we attract companies to use OpenVMS? How would you get more young people interested in this environment rather than Windows and *nix?

    • June
      • Expanding the OpenVMS marketplace
        I started a discussion on recently where I asked others to explore how we could break down the barriers of adoption of VMS as an application platform. Some of the comments have been enlightening.

        There has been the belief that VMS is in maintenance mode. This is far from th

      • The Virtual System Manager
        Over the last few months I have been engaged in support activities for new customers on VMS in areas remote from my offices here in the Southeast. These have been clients new to VMS but very familiar with their own business. They have needed a some specific help in various areas of VMS with which

      • Welcome to the VMSblog sponsored by CCSS - Computer Consulting System Services
        We are starting this blog to keep you informed of our efforts to push OpenVMS forward and out of the stagnant position it is in both within Hewlett Packard (HP) as well as in the world of IT in general.

        The cry is NOT "VMS is dead, LONG LIVE VMS!" But more appropriately, LONG LI