Bespoke Development

'Off the shelf' programs may work fine for you and your company. Then again... when they don't, you'll have to tweak them. Of course there are times when you and your company require something more than can be acquired in a ready made package.

Solution: CCSS provides custom program development. Everything from requirements gathering, through problem definition, functional specification development, program development, documentation, testing, validation and finally, to implementation.

Projects can be developed and delivered in a variety of ways:

Cross Platform Virtualization
  • Time and Materials
  • Fixed Price
  • Cost Plus Royalty
  • Any Reasonably Negotiated Agreement

Some of the work we have done includes:

  • TN3270DS plug compatible replacement for DEC/HP SNA3270DS
  • Custom System Performance Monitors
  • Specialized Device Drivers
  • DECnet interface to OpenVMS based ERP system
  • Authentication extentions for OpenVMS
  • Custom text comparison application allowing for line wrap and variable white space

Why not save time (and money), and get a customized program that is a perfect fit for your project? This program approach pulls all the loose ends together. Naturally, we also support what we develop.

What? Did you think we'd just leave you hanging?