Cross Platform Virtualization

Not everyone uses OpenVMS. We accept that. Therefore, you can be assured that Linux or Windows based applications or web environments can be properly linked to OpenVMS systems. Special applications and interfaces have also been developed to interact with systems other than OpenVMS.

So you see, even though CCSS is OpenVMS centric, all roads do not necessarily lead there. Where do you want to go?

Integration can be built from the ground up, starting with a bare chassis and adding the necessary components, power supply, mother board, memory, disks and more, to make a system.

System integration is accomplished by working with building blocks provided by vendors-- servers, routers, storage subsystems, network; all the components for an integration solution.

Experience in integration of dissimilar systems may also be important, for example: Linux connected to OpenVMS, OpenVMS connected to IBM, PCs connected to OpenVMS and Linux. All of these are examples of integration that we do according to your company's needs and requirements.