Ingres Community Edition on OpenVMS

Ingres Database was initially developed on OpenVMS many years ago...

In the pursuit of a "real" database for use on OpenVMS we worked with Ingres Community Edition and ported it to OpenVMS I64 Version 8.4. The version of Ingres relational database ported was CE 10.1 Build 114. We presented a session on this effort at the September 2011 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp.

Ingres Corporation is now known as "Actian".

There is a VMSINSTAL kit available for download (over 200 MB (zipped)).

Ingres documentation is available (over 64 MB (zipped)).

Presentation from Boot Camp is available.

There is PHP support for Ingres on OpenVMS. A pre-built Alpha version of the extensions can be downloaded from Actian. Sources are also available. Documentation on how to build and install from source is found here. When we have an I64 version available we will make it accessible here for download.

We offer support for Ingres on OpenVMS. You can check our price list to find out more about your options.

You can find the Ingres DBMS Community Edition sources by following this link.

Actian is now the name of the company that owns the Ingres DBMS. You can find more information about them by following the link.