TN3270DS Interface

Do you need to interface with an IBM environment where the only access is via TCPIP and TN3270 but you need to have a custom application to manipulate the data? TN3270DS Interface is what you need:

  • Call compatible with HP SNA3270DS
  • Integrated scripting language to direct logins
  • Utilizes S3270: TN3270 emulator with scripting
  • Runs on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS IA64

TN3270DS Interface was originally developed for a client whose primary application was shifting from a leased line SNA environment to a VPN TCPIP environment. The migration to the new environment was done without changes to the original application, only the communications interface needed small changes to properly link with TN3270DS Interface. Users saw no change in operation of their applications and in fact saw fewer application restarts

TN3270DS Interface is available for use in projects and/or products. Contact us for more information.

We offer support for our TN3270DS Interface on OpenVMS. You can check our price list to find out more about your options.