S3270: Open Source 3270 TN emulator

S3270 is part of the X3270 family of 3270 TN emulators. These include support of X11 as a display, Windows, a curses "dumb" terminal version and other implementations. The S3270 version provides access to the 3270 data stream and interacts with the user or a program via scripts.

The OpenVMS implementation was done as part of a project for a client of CCSS. Kits are available for OpenVMS Alpha as well as OpenVMS IA64. The kits include object modules and source code so if you do not have a C compiler you can still link the code and run the application.

It was ported using the GNV Unix Portability Environment.

CCSS provides installation and operational support for S3270. You can check our price list to find out more about your options.

TN3270DS Interface

Related to the S3270 is the CCSS implementation of the 3270 Data Stream Interface API. This API is a nearly call compatible implementation of versus the HP SNA 3270DS Interface.


You can find out more about the X3270 family here.